Winter can only mean one thing. Yes that's right it's PECO time!  Here’s a handy guide to PECO if you’re new to STAC or have questions that you’ve been too afraid to ask!

What is PECO?
It’s a PECO Cross Country League. There’s a series of 5 cross country races organised in and around Leeds in which clubs affiliated to the League compete across men’s and ladies divisions. Each race is about 4-5 miles.

Why’s it called ‘PECO’?
It’s named after the original sponsor PECO (Print and embroidery company). We still get most of our club kit from them (everything except the new vest!)

Interesting! When is it?
It’s over the winter months. 2023/24 events are as follows:

Cross country in winter in Leeds - doesn’t it get cold and muddy?
It can do yes, but that’s part of the fun! We usually get a load of STAC’s doing it. Also we have a STAC tent / gazebo!

It’s a League then, what division are STAC in?
The Ladies team are in the Premier League and the Men's First Division (there's 3 leagues).

Then both Ladies and Men are in the Premier League of the vets

Exciting stuff! Looks like we want to do even better this year, how do we do that?
The places of the top runners score as per the table below:

I’m never going to finish in the top 6-9 STAC’s, is there any point in me taking part?
Yes definitely! Even if you are not a scoring STAC, you will almost certainly finish above scoring runners from other clubs, thus boosting the differential score between STAC and them.

I don’t really understand that, anything else in it for me?
Yes there's an award if you do all races (last year it was a towel! And cake!

Also there's an awards evening when it all finishes. Those who went to it the previous 2 years enjoyed themselves to say the least!

Shut-up and take my money! How do I sign-up?
From Racebest where it’s a flat priced £17 for a race number for all races (or as many as you can do). Or entry on the day for £8 (however you will not score for STAC if you sign up on the day).

Is there anywhere to get changed and leave stuff?
Yes, there will be our brand new STAC tent!

What should I wear?
Trail shoes definitely. Some runners will wear shoes with lugs designed for mud on some courses. On colder days recommend you bring a change of clothes. Oh and don’t forget to bring a fresh pair of socks for after!

Is there anything for STAC Juniors?
Yes. there’s junior race, the under 11’s do 1 mile and under 17’s 2 miles. We usually have STAC Juniors taking part.

I see we're hosting a race?
Yes we are hosting the Temple Newsam PECO and we will need volunteers. Look out for the emails on this!

Finally where can i find more information?
From PECO XC website (where a lot of this information was shamelessly lifted from). This will be updated with course maps and results as the PECO season progresses.