Club Championship 2023

14 races, 111 STAC's taking part and 266 runs for the STAC 2023 Club Championship.

Well done to Elle Warren who is the Ladies Champion for the first time, Elle was also second overall. Runner-up was Annie Roddy with Sarah Turnbull in the third.

Congratulations to Richard Herrington for once again being Men's Champion ahead of Nigel Fuller and Andy Clarke. This is the 5th time Richard has been Men's Champion taking him to 3rd in the all time list behind Alan Schofield with 6 and Chris Gill with a mamoth 15 times.

Epic achievement from Sarah Turnbull who by running all 14 races wins the 'Andrew Gardner award' for consecutive races. Sarah is the first lady to win this award.

STAC Club Championship goes back 40 years - you can see all previous winners here.

More details on the 2023 championship:

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Club Championship Top 25

Club Championship Full Results & Standings


Race 1 - Brass Monkey

The 2023 Club Championship kicked off in style with the Brass Monkey half marathon! 34 STAC's, including several STAC pacers, took on this fast flat route in York.

Weather was kind as we got the day inbetween the storms and the cold snap! There were pb's a plenty, too many to mention, and with some by absolutely huge margins!

Very early days in the club championship, but some pace setters already!

Race 2 - Dewsbury 10k

Second race of the Club Championship was the pb friendly Dewsbury 10k. Conditions were perfect and the 40 STAC's smashed it!

More details will be in STAC Times and the run report - but special mention to STAC ladies winning the team prize. First 3 ladies count with Sarah Kemshall, Jane Grant and Elle Warren all in the top 20 (with Sarah 2nd).

Club championship early pace setter in the ladies is Elle ahead of Annie Roddy and Sam Chapman. In the men's Mark Chapman edges ahead of Neil Hardy with Ian Maudsley in third.

Race 3 - Roundhay PECO

Third race was the Roundhay PECO which was also the last PECO of the Cross Country season.

Kind conditions with a lack of mud saw 35 STAC's run it, many of whom incorporating it into a long run as part of marathon training

No change in the club championship ladies with Elle ahead of Annie Roddy and Sam Chapman. In the men's Mark Chapman remainds ahead of Neil Hardy with Andrew Grinnell now in third (best 2 of 3)

Race 4 - Cliffe Castle parkrun

Race 4 saw us go to Keighley for the Cliffe Castle parkrun. It was a tough course of 3 and a bit laps including a steep climb!

STAC's there smashed it with Richard Herrington 1st overall and Elle Warren 1st lady.

In the club championship (best 3 of 4 counting) we have a new leader in the men's with Cairn Morrison 1st ahead of Ian Maudsley and Nigel Fuller. The ladies top 3 remains Elle Warren, Annie Roddy and Sam Chapman. 

Photos courtesy of Philip Bland.

Race 5 - Vale of York 10m & 5m

Race 5 and the Vale of York 10m and 5m!

PB's aplently on this flat course with Andrew Grinnell celebrating his 50th birthday on the 10mile with finish 2nd in his new age category. Jamie Graham was also 2nd in his age category.

Whilst most STAC's did the 10 mile, 4 did the 5 mile and Shane Grace finished 2nd overall. The 5 mile times have bee converted to 10 mile for the Club Championship 

New leader in the men's club championship (best 3 of 5 counting) with Andrew Grinnell now leading Cairn Morrison and Ian Maudsley. The ladies top 3 remains Elle Warren, Annie Roddy and Sam Chapman. S

Sarah Turnbull now the only person to do all club races so far!

Race 6 - Apperley Bridge Canter

Race 6 and to the hilly Apperley Bridge Canter on a chilly June evening.

Elle Warren was 4th lady whilst Neil Hardy, Ruth Muir and Annie Roddy were top 3 in their age category.

There are joint leaders in the men's club championship (best 4 of 6 counting) with Andrew Grinnell and Nigel Fuller on the same number of points and Dave Mellor in 3rd. The ladies top 3 is now Elle Warren, Annie Roddy and Sarah Turnbull

Sarah Turnbull now the only person to do all club races so far!

Photos from Chin 

Race 7 - Lakeland Trails

Race 7 was our away race and it was off the Lake District for the 'Lakeland Trails' at Coniston.

Summer started with boiling hot temperatures so whilst not ideal for running was great for the rest of the weekend!

There were three distances on offer, all very hilly but with some spectacular views. 

4 STAC's did the marathon with Chin Yong finishing. in  the top 10, 7 did the half (with a disqualification for Nigel Fuller!) and 2 the 10k.

Times for the marathon and 10k were converted to a half time for the club championship.

Race 8 - Solstice Saunter

It was off the Bolton Abbey for Race number 8. A midweek venture for the 'Solstice Saunter', a lovely 5 mile trail race.

Some specatular performances with Richard Herrington 3rd overall and 1st in his age category. Annie Roddy was 2nd in her category whilst Sarah Turnbull, Chin Yong, Andy Clarke and Nigel Fuller were all 3rd.

In the club championship with the best 5 of 8 counting; Annie Roddy now leads the ladies ahead of Sarah Turnbull and Lisa Belford-McDowell. In the men's Nigel Fuller leads Dave Mellor and Chin Yong.

Sarah Turnbull has still done all races!

Race 9 - Round Hill Fell Race

Perhaps the most challenging of this year's club calendar was the Round Hill feel race.

10 inteprid STAC's took part ranging for Fell first timers to veterans.

Well done to Richard Herrington, Chin Yong and Cairn Morrison for finishing in the top 20.

It's as you were in the club championship with Annie Roddy leading Sarah Turnbull and Lisa Belford-McDowell in the ladies whilst the 1, 2, 3 in the men's is Nigel Fuller, David Mellor and Chin Yong.

Sarah Turnbull remains on course to be the first STAC lady to ever do all the club races!

Race 10 - Escrick

It's always sunny on Escrick 10k day and this was no change with 34 STAC's taking part.

Well done to Elle Warren who was 1st lady, Richard Herrington who was 2nd overall, Annie Roddy 2nd age category and Neil Hardy along with Kate Penrose who were 3rd in their's.

Men's club championship has a new leader with Chin Yong taking the lead ahead of Nigel Fuller and Dave Mellor. Annie Roddy remains in the lead of the ladies with Sarah Turnbull 2nd and Lisa Belford-McDowell 3rd. Best 6 of the 10 count.

Sarah Turnbull as done all 10 races and on course for being the first lady to win the 'Andrew Gardner award' for consecutive races.

And a get well soon to Andrew himself who fell and injured his shoulder. Andrew did 339 consecutive club races up until 2020 and this was his first 'DNF' in 42 years.

Photos from Chin Yong and Vicky Warren

Race 11 - Wetherby

Race 11 was the Wetherby 10k, for once not clashing with Leeds Country Way! 17 STAC's took part including a first ever race for Debra Hill.

STAC's smashed it with Richard Herrington, Cairn Morrison and Ian Maudsley winning the team prize. Richard was also first in his age category whilst Cairn, Ian and Elle Warren were top 3.

Club Championship is best 7 out of the 11 races so far. Annie Roddy leads the lady's ahead of Sarah Turnbull and Nigel Fuller the men's with Dave Mellor 2nd. However in both leagues it's the 3rd place runner who is watch out for. Elle Warren and Richard Herrington have only done 6 races, if they do 2 of the remaining 3 they will be v difficult to beat!

Photos from Phil Bland

Race 12 - Morley 10k

To Morley for our 12th club race, the 2nd edition of the Morley 10k and it was hilly!

8 STAC's raced it and another half a dozen paced it.

Some great performances on the day with Elle Warren 2nd lady just 1 second from 1st! Also Richard Herrington winnings his age category and Cairn Morrison 2nd in his.

All change in the club championship with new leaders in both! Now Elle Warren head's up the ladies ahead of Annie Roddy and Sarah Turnbull. In the men's Richard Herrington leads with Nigel Fuller 2nd and Andy Clarke 3rd. The best 7 count

Sarah Turnbull has done all 12 races.

Race 13 - Posthill Challenge

Penultimate club race of 2023 was the Posthill Challenge in Pudsey.

10 intrepid STAC's tackled the brutal Posthill (twice!) with Richard Herrington and Sarah Turnbull winning age cateogory prizes.

Going into the last race the men's Championship is now mathmatically decided with Richard Herrington the winner ahead of Nigel Fuller and Andy Clarke.

In the women's Annie Roddy leads Sarah Turnbull and Elle Warren. But Elle has only ran 7 races so will win the championship if she does the last race.

Sarah Turnbull has done all 13 races!

Race 14 - Jolly Holly Jog

The last race of the year was the Jolly Holly Jog in Ripon on New Year's Eve.

This mixed terrain run was very muddy in places with all the recent rain so well to the 9 STAC's who completed the run.

Well to Elle Warren and Sarah Turnbull who were both 4th in their Age Cat. With it Elle becomes ladies champion and Sarah has run all 14 races.

The birdge photos from Philip Bland

Club Championship Info

What is the STAC club championship?

The club championship is across 14 selected races over 2023. A runners best 8 races will count towards the championship. There will be prizes for best female and male runner and the league table will be updated throughout the year.

There will also be the ‘Andrew Gardner award’ for any runner who does all 14 races. The award is named after Andrew who incredibly did 339 consecutive club races between 1992 and 2020.  

For the races chosen, we try to get a good variety of events; from distance, size, terrain and hills!

All 1st and 2nd claim members are welcome to join any or all the races. There is usually a good STAC turnout on all events. So even if you can only make one or two it’s a great way to do a run that you wouldn’t normally do with other STACs!

How does scoring work?

There is a maximum 400 points possible per race.

The fastest STAC will get 400 points; 200 points for the fastest time and 200 points for being best STAC.

Everyone else gets points related to how fast they were compared to the fastest time (so if a person was 25% slower they would get 150/200 points) and their STAC placing in that race (so if they were 5th fastest STAC 195/200) points. A total of 345/400 points for this example.

There are 14 races in 2022 and the best 8 will count towards the final placing in the table.

Throughout the year the club championship table will be updated as follows:

Race 1 - Best 1 from 1 race
Race 2 - 2 from 2
Race 3 - 2 from 3
Race 4 - 3 from 4
Race 5 - 3 from 5
Race 6 - 4 from 6
Race 7 - 4 from 7
Race 8 - 5 from 8
Race 9 - 6 from 9
Race 10 - 6 from 10
Race 11 - 7 from 11
Race 12 - 7 from 12
Race 13 - 8 from 13
Race 14 - 8 from 14