TNT 2023 race report

Temple Newsam Ten... STAC's race

The only race on the January Calendar that delivers mud, puddles, scenery around Temple Newsam and a volunteer crew of St Theresa’s runners.

Temple Newsam Ten has been going since 2016 . The idea was originally from Wanda’s “mud club run “ on a Friday morning  from Temple Newsam. The route has changed a bit over the years due to the development of East Leeds but the original idea of lots of mud,  puddles and hills still stays to this day. 

It’s that popular that it sells out in days and even Brass Monkey half marathon corresponds with us on our date to  avoid clashing. This year we had to change the finish due to issues with a road crossing so the finish was a little bit easier than normal! 😜.

As usual the STAC members stepped up and volunteered to support their club. We also had a great response from Crossgates Harriers who volunteered for us. Thank-you so much.

Everyone who helped out in whatever capacity was  much appreciated and this race can not happen without the support from you all so we can’t thank you all enough from the course markers, baggage drop off marshals,  registration, marshals out on course, sorting out the transfers, water station hero’s, litter picker marshals, toilet unblockers, social media updaters, video editing, tail that wags the dog, finish volunteer’s and many more!

Special mention goes to our very own David Bailey AKA Chin! Chin asked me where I would like him to be  positioned to take photos, I simply mentioned at the top of the Avenue would be a good spot and maybe capturing the house in the background. A few messages later he’s hired out a lens, brought his drone and taken 5,000 photos on the day. 😳

Our course hare on his bike was the legendary Alan Schofield who rode around beforehand to make sure everything was clear and safe. 

790 runners 🏃🏻‍♀️ started on a remarkably rain free morning. We had running clubs from Middlesbrough, London and Scotland to name a few as well as all the local running clubs and loads of unaffiliated runners . 

Well done to the winners : 


1st James Eaton - 58:02 Tadcaster Harriers 

2nd Sam Robins - 58:05 Chapel Allerton Runners 

3rd George Ravenhall - 58:20 North Leeds Fell Runners 


1st Faye Clark 1:13:59 Abbey Runners 

2nd Abigail Thomson 1:14:36 Queen’s Park Harriers 

3rd Amanda Spencer 1:14:56. Valley Striders 

Valley men’s  and women’s both won the team prize 🏆. 

We had epic performances from all at Stac but to single out a few- 

Richard Herrington coming in 1st Stac , 9th overall and winning his age cat. 

Cairn Morrison 3rd Stac age cat win 🥇 

Nigel Fuller who was 4th Stac home in an impressive time of 1:11:38.

David Morley age cat win ! 🥇

Jamie Graham 2nd in age cat 

Michael Grayson 4th in age cat out of 50.. A lot of old runners out there 😏

Matt Hick who is absolutely smashing all his races at the moment. 

In the women we welcomed new girl to her first STAC race Vicky Warren who gave a great performance and time in 1:38. 

Tanya Hacker knocked off an impressive 14mins off her time from last time she ran it. 

Also lovely to see Marie Barker back out in a STAC vest. 

Results for everyone are on Racebest 

A tail perspective of the race and why a tail is more than just the back marker. 

I’ve tailed the TNT 4 times now. It’s a great outlook on a race where I wouldn’t normally be and it’s very humbling seeing the effort and the determination from the back. Speaking to the runners and finding out their individual journeys and why and how they came to be running. Me and Annie had a man called Dave with us for 99% of the race. Dave had only just started running (3 months) and he just wanted to get around and set a challenge for himself. He never stopped once, just kept going and going! Even ran in road shoes and went straight through the “puddle”.

Every so often he would say I appreciate you being very patient with me and I know I am slow. Dave absolutely blasted  the course and ran in at the end  even overtaking  a runner near the finish line. Both me and Annie had a smile on our face and that’s why the tail runner/s are more than just a back marker. 

Special thanks must go to the STAC TNT team who made this all happen. This is months and months of planning and stress to bring you the well- oiled machine you see on race day.

Stuart Gall 

Becca Hattrell

Sian Gall 

Paul Mcgreevy 

Jess Evans

Tracey Piper 


Simon Sherras 

Roll on TNT 2024 


Photos from Chin Yong, Andrew Swales, Jamie Best, Jess Evans