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'Parkrun league' returns from May-September with a different parkrun each month and then a ‘wildcard’ on Sat 30th September open to those who have volunteered twice in this period. 

New for 2023 will be 'the parkrun cup'!

Great! Though what is ‘parkrun league’?

STAC members (1st and 2nd claim) are split into groups based on previous parkrun times (or estimates). There is one parkun venue chosen each month and members can run that venue as many times in the month as they like with the best time counting. There will be a league table produced and the first and second place of each group will win a trophy!

Which parkruns are we doing?

Which league will I be in?

You will be split into Leagues based on your recent parkrun best times (or estimated time if no recent runs).

Runners may be moved leagues after the first month if it looks like they have been placed in the wrong league.

How does Scoring work?

Points will then be awarded for each venue / league as follows:

1st In that league that month: 100

2nd In that league that month: 95

3rd in that league that month:  90 


A runners’ best four scores out of the five months count. 

Results will be updated regularly and sent out on Facebook / email

What’s the ‘Wildcard’ and how do I qualify for it?

On Saturday 30th September those who qualify for a ‘wildcard’ can do any of the 5 parkruns again. This could be as you missed it the first time around (a change for 2023), or because you believe you can get a faster time.

Those who did 2 non-running volunteer roles between May and September at a senior parkun will qualify for the wildcard.

Even if you cannot make the wildcard date we would encourage all to volunteer when they can as parkrun relies on its volunteers and the local events do struggle to fill the roster from time to time.

What's the 'parkun cup'?

This will run parallel to the league and everyone taking part will be in both the league and cup.

You will be drawn at random against another runner and then assigned a handicap time. You have that month's parkrun (e.g. Cross Flatts for May) to beat your opponent. The winner goes through to the next round / month's parkrun. The loser is eliminated out of the cup.

The handicap times for the second month onwards will be based on the previous month's parkrun time and perceived difficulty of that course. 

There will only be one winner of the 'parkrun cup'

Rounds as follows:

If you don't do a parkrun for that month your opponent goes through on a bye. If both participants in a tie do not do the parkrun the 'fastest loser' from that round goes through in their place (the 'fastest loser' is the losing runner from all other ties who was closest to their opponent on handicap time).

In 2023 as we have more than 64 participants, for the first round there will be some three-way ties.

On the final (wildcard week) the finalists need to tell the handicapper which parkrun they are doing so the handicap time can be calculated in advance. If either of the finalists cannot do a parkrun that week then an alternative date will be arranged.

Anything I need to do?

Just say you’re interested in taking part on Facebook or email (when asked) and you’ll be added to the appropriate league and cup draw.

Also if you could please add ‘St. Theresa’s’ as  the club (group) in your parkrun profile as this will really help us do the results. To do this:

For 2nd claim members we will make a note of,  but again would be easier if you have your club in your profile.