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We have over 20 England Athletics qualified run leaders offering a wide variety of runs every week - catering for a mix of paces with different terrains and types of session. Book on a session using the form below and view your place!

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Joining in
We welcome new members to just come and join us at one of our training sessions, or if you want to contact us first.

How it works
We have sessions led by a qualified run leader meeting England Athletics guidance.To view and book onto a training session do so on the form above. You'll then be able to view your place.

New sessions go up usually on a Friday night. We try to cater for everyone, if there’s a session you’d like to see please let us know!

Am I too slow?
We try to cater for a wide varierty of paces and regulary have sessions with paces from 6:30 to 15 minute mile. Most of our runs tend to be for about an hour.

Our Thursday sessions on speed/endurance/hills you go at your own pace and they're open to everyone.

We also have a Beginners session each March.

Summer Meeting Point

You may see reference to a summer meeting point for some of our sessions. This is in the main sports field at Temple Newsam (the corner nearest the roundabout close to the house).

There is plenty of parking at Temple Newsam but beware it is not supervised so do not leave valuables on show in your car.

Thursday Sessions
Thursdays are an opportunity for runners at all levels to improve their fitness and technique. Established runners of all abilities – improve your speed and core fitness within a programme designed for all. Here are some of the sessions we run on a Thursday.

All Club Tuesday
The first Tuesday of each month we have at least 6 run leaders providing a variety of paces from the same start and finish point and encourage all to join us!

Tempo Tuesday
This takes place the other 3 Tuesdays of the month usually at The Springs occasionally at Scholes.
We do a variety of Tempo runs with run leaders of mixed paces. Tempos are run close to your lactate threshold pace. General rule of thumb is this is equivalent to the pace you can RACE at for an hour. For some people that might be their 10mile race pace, for others their 10k race pace. 

Running just below your lactate threshold pace, trains your body to become more efficient, creating less lactic acid at that pace, enabling you to gradually run faster with less effort and therefore improving tempo pace. This is particularly beneficial in longer races, such as half marathon and marathons as you burn fuel more efficiently.