Yasso 800’s – Thursday 10th October 2013

This session is the same as last week  but without the mile reps. If you can complete 8 reps and average your time then you can predict your marathon time. An average of 3 mins. 30 can give an estimated marathon time of 3 hrs. 30. Not foolproof so add around 10%!

However, the plan assumes that you can work this programme over a 3/4 week period. ( you can try this on your own, doesn’t have to be Thursdays )

Appx. 10 min warm up ( for us with Graham )

800m reps at 5k pace.  Plan suggests a 4 min recovery and decreasing by 20 seconds after each rep. Will leave this to your discretion as time does not allow 8 reps. Recovery- as last week on grassed area between the 800m circuit. Didn’t attend last week? The 800m. circuit uses both paths that form the hills at the Templenewam Park Run. Start down near the pond.  Having a torch for when you’re recovering on the grassed area is of benefit!

Try to give yourself time to have recovered sufficiently to knock out your best 5K pace each time.

Continue until appx. 7.15 then stretches in the amphitheatre.




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