Volunteers Needed! – VETS Race 29th July

As some of you may be aware we are hosting a YVAA race on Tuesday 29th July at 7.30pm , less than 3 weeks away and we are in dire need for volunteers.

There are various roles to fill – hence if you think you can help send an email to Ian herder@gmail.com or let Chris know.

  • Race Director – FILLED
    • Andrew Gardner
  • 4x Course Markers.
    • Setting out markers/signs along the course.
    • From 3pm until 6pm.
    • Chris Gill, Andrew Gardner.
  • 3x Car Park Stewards.
    • Needed from 6pm until 7.30pm.
    • Mark Abdy, Lisa Belford-McDowell,
  • Senior Marshal – FILLED
    • Responsible for positioning all marshals. Ensuring that all marshals have contact details for first aid team.
    • Paul McGreevy
  • 16x Marshals – FILLED

    • Mark the course for runners and provide assistance.
    • Needed from 7pm onwards.
    • Richard Cooper, Jess McMullan, Kathrine Judge, John Robson, Sonia Rundle, Hannah Wilson & Gillian Lambert.
    • Donna Lenagham, Terry Midgley, Alan Schofield, George Schofield, Tony Bullough & Walter Armitage.
    • Tracey Piper, Richard Jones, Erica Bell.
  • Race Timer – FILLED
    • Timing the race.
    • Ian Sheppard
  • 3x Results Assistants – FILLED

    • Observing, Recording and Relaying results information.
    • Needed 7pm Onwards.
    • Tony Owen, Ronnie Bray & Jnr.
  • Water Station Managers – FILLED
    • Initial Set up of Stations – 6pm until 7.30pm
    • Chris Gill, Andrew Gardner & Mike Sellars
  • 4x Water station attendants – FILLED

    • Needed 7pm Onwards.
    • James May, John-Paul O’Toole, Tracey Parsons & Joanne Holland
  • Catering Manager(s) – FILLED

    • Co-ordinating refreshments – could be two people, one organising supplies prior to the race, one supervising refreshments on evening of race.
    • Needed to organise several days before and/or race day 6.30pm onwards.
    • Wanda McDonald

As the race starts at 7.30pm you can still run if you choose a job that finishes by 7.30pm, just let us know your intentions :).

*UPDATED 12:45 14/07/2014*

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