Variation on a Theme

Meet outside Brown Cow at Whitkirk for a 6.30pm progression over to Templenewsam House. In to amphitheatre for dynamic warm up.
1).Start at the original start line of the Park Run.Hard Run past Stable Block ( Running to the left BUT keeping block on your right ) to House railings.
2)Gentle jog across Stable cobbles to bottom of access road hill.
3)Hard to gates at the top of the hill ( keeping to left )
4)Gentle recovery down the hill( keeping to the left ) – all the way to the start of the Park run .
5)From Start of Park Run, hard to the gates at the top ( again keeping to the left )
6)Recovery along road, across House cobbles, round FRONT of the House.
7)Hard along flagstones.( Reverse direction of previous weeks )
8)Recover round the House and REPEAT the flagstone sprint.
9)Recover round the HOUSE, then keeping to the left progress down to start of Park Run and Repeat from 1.
OK, so there are 8 too many processes to remember!!!!
Gentle jog back to St. Mary’s Church hall car park where we’ll stretch off together

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