Tuesday Tempo – 24th October – Out & Back

With the track session tomorrow night, this session is a little easier than recent weeks in case there are those who want to do both sessions. This is ideal for those that are running a 10K over the next couple of weekends and want to get used to their race pace.

It is based on the regular 31/29 out and back route but includes a warm up and warm down to encourage good practice when doing interval training and races.

From the Barnbow club run the usual route up to the Skyliner. This should be at an easy, warm up pace. This is around 1.5 miles.

From the Skyliner, follow the Selby Road, past Thorpe Park, over the motorway junction and down the mad mile towards the Miller and Carter. For faster runners turn left up Wakefield Road.

The session is 14 minutes out, 3 minutes jog recovery to regroup with other runners and then run hard back to the Skyliner. Regroup and jog back to the club.

The efforts should be controlled and steady around your 10k pace going out and looking to push a bit harder on the way back.

Please take care crossing the junctions, particular going over the motorway and we encourage wearing high viz tops now the nights are getting darker.


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