Tuesday Nights

Tuesday nights

Warming Up I’m arriving 15mins early and going through a fun warm up routine focused on increasing mobility with dynamic stretches drills and strides. Even if you jog down, you have raised your heart rate and warmed your body, but you should still take some time to do some dynamic stretching, it is a good habit to get into.

NOISY PAVILION As you know it gets very noisy in Pavilion so I can’t wait until it gets warmer/lighter. In the meantime, please have a little quiet when anyone is making an announcement. It’s a good way of getting club news across when you’re all there.

RUNNING IN THE DARK/SAFETY Think safety when crossing roads, bright/reflective tops especially in the dark must be worn (it can be hard for drivers to see huge groups of crazy STACies)

Group leaders. Identify your group leader I’ll be trying out laminated signs with pace range on them, so you can choose who you want to run with. We will work towards having recognisable run leaders for each pace-range. (This could be you!) Pace depends on route but broadly 7:00 min mile & Faster, 7:30-8:30, 8:30-9, 9-9:30, 9:30-10:30 10:30+

Also, there should be an obvious contact point for new runners, so if they are unsure it’s easy for them to get into a suitable group.

(Chris/Alan, Me/Wanda, Helen, Walter) Group leaders are currently identifiable as experienced members of the club who regularly turn up on Tuesday. They plan the route and often look after more inexperienced runners. They don’t get much thanks for this but are sorely missed when they are not there!

To make this less of an issue I’d like to see about 3 joint leaders of each group. You could then organise between yourselves maybe on a rota type basis who wants to plan the route or bring up the rear. This will be important if the main leader isn’t there or you could arrange to share the duties, it can be good fun!

Some people have already come forward to say they are interested in taking a more active role in training, including helping lead the Tuesday groups. If that is something you are interested in, then talk to myself or the leader who normally takes your group.

ROUTES There is no plan to publicise a route beforehand as sometimes it depends on the conditions and how people feel on the night. Also, may have some safety problems. However the group leaders will have planned a route and will explain it on the night.

Before you set off make sure you have spoken to a leader and understand the route! Take some responsibility and don’t just rely on the leader.

If there’s a route you would like to do or that you have done that you want to repeat send a strava or garmin link to me as I plan to keep a file of them.

GROUPS SPLITTING UP One main worry seems to have cropped up from several people is that groups split up. It’s important that you get in the correct group, but also important that the group sticks together. This can be done in a number of ways. But mainly just talk to each other! Some groups may not want to do this, please decide for yourselves!

Same pace Everyone runs at the same pace as the group leader.

Looping Back If we know who is at the back then “looping back” becomes possible. This has 2 effects. 1) faster runners will end up running further (so they don’t simply have a rest) 2) group sticks together.

Different groups Same Route (or different parts of the same group) run the same route. Please make sure no-one runs alone. Perhaps each joint leader could run with a different part of the group. Faster groups could run a little extra loop at the end

Back-Marker Please discuss among your group who will be a “back marker” and make sure no-one gets left behind.

If you are injured en-route or have to split for any other reason, do try and notify someone in your group who should tell a leader. Please provide feedback to your group leader (negative or positive) this is something we can take forward and hopefully share things that are going well and improve things that aren’t


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