Tuesday Night Training

Tomorrow night, for those who are interested, has been kindly organised by Martin Horbury. In preparation for the Dewsbury 10k, it contains speedwork so you will need your stopwatches. For those who want to do a longer run, feel free to go ahead and do one from John Smeaton, perhaps with a couple of efforts thrown in.

7pm – leave John Smeaton, through the ginnel to Pendas Way, turn left to the Manston pub, left to The Skyliner and then left to Thorpe Park (about 2 miles)

We start on Century Way. Few dynamic stretches

Then we do repetitions of 1/3rd of a mile ( about 550 metres)

Rep 1

Start at the postbox on the left hand side of the road just after the hotel roundabout. Rep finishes at the “Pure Offices” sign just before the roundabout. Rest by jogging slowly around the roundabout.

Rep 2

Starts at the “Available now” green sign. Run hard to the Thorpe Park Hotel sign just before the roundabout. Jog around the path around the roundabout and start again at the post box.

Target time – your target pace per mile at Dewsbury10k on Sunday divided by 3. Example, sub 40 min is 6’24 per mile, so the rep should be efforts of 2’08 or less.

Sub 50 min is 8 min mile pace, divided by 3 is rep efforts of 2’40 or less

Sub 60 min is 9 min 36 pace, divided by 3 is rep efforts of 3’12 or less.

If doing it, elite should aim to do 8, intermediates 5 or 6, progressives 3 or 4.

At or just after 740pm, we start to go back to the sports centre and stretch.



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