Tuesday Night Training – 8th October

Up to people entirely what they want to do, this is what I’m running, up to other groups what they want to do.

My run will be an average of 8 min mile pace with an aspiration of 7 – 7.5 miles.

  • Start at Sports Centre
  • Left onto Smeaton Approach to Longs Of Leeds
  • Down to Austhorpe Road
  • Up to the Manston pub, turn left up Austhorpe Lane to the Skyliner
  • Down Selby Road all the way to the York Road / Selby Road junction ( a tick over 2 miles )
  • Onto WykebecK Valley Way
  • Right up Foundry Lane to Burger King at Killingbeck
  • Up to Cross Gates
  • depending on time either right to the Skyliner or straight onto Austhorpe Road.

Quicker group can carry on Wykebeck Valley Way up to South Parkway and to Tesco at Seacroft and back to Cross Gates.

81/2 min /9 min mile pace can go up York Road / Selby Road to Cross Gates

Progressives can follow the same route to Tesco at Halton, turn right onto Chapel Street onto Green Lane and to Cross Gates, that will be about 5.6 miles to the Sports Centre, non-stop

3-4 mile group can turn right can follow the route to the Brown Cow and turn right down Hollyshaw Lane.

If doing Skyliner Roundabout to York Road / Selby Road junction try to do it at race pace, its just over 2 miles and mainly flat/downhill., log your time, we will do it again in about 4 weeks. I’ll be aiming to do it in around 12 mins 30.

Marathon ballot at 9pm at Barnbow Social Club, all welcome to attend, bring your reject letters to be in the ballot.



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