Tuesday Night Run – 15th October 2013

As I’m sure many of you know, England play Poland tomorrow in the World Cup qualifier, I want to be back before 8pm and shower and get to the club to watch the game early in the 1st half. This is the route I will be taking, I promised I would do this at 8 min 30 pace. It’s about 6.5 miles.

1. Out of the sports centre and turn right to Barwick Road

2. Left, then cross the road at the pelican crossing ( recently installed ), and follow a path onto Stanks Drive.

3. Up Stanks Drive to the fire station and turn right.

4. This is Sherburn Road ( goes under the A64 ), up this road until Naburn Approach, turn right here and follow the road all the way to the end to Coal Road ( past the Pendas Pub ). At Coal Road, turn right, then left at the roundabout to end up at Wetherby Road ( A58 ).  Left to Wetherby Road roundabout.

Here, the route could split 3 ways. Quicker groups go straight down the A58 towards Roundhay and work your way back to the centre.

Progressives, you can go left here, follow the ring road all the way to Barwick Road roundabout, turn left there along Barwick Road to the sports centre, that will be about 6 miles overall.

I will be going straight down Wetherby Road and turn left onto Monkswood Avenue. We will then do a team peloton up Monkswood Avenue hill until we reach the ring road. I’ll explain the peloton tomorrow.

Back along the ring road, to Barwick Road roundabout, left there and down to the Sports Centre, we will do a quick section of work down the ring road. About 6.5 miles overall x 8 min 30 pace, we will back at the centre at around 7:55pm.

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