Tuesday Night 4th February

A lot of members enjoyed this run when we did it in December, we will do it on Tuesday this week.

Start 1. Turn left out of John Smeaton and then right at Longs of Leeds, right onto Manston Lane to the Manston pub (re-group) 2. Left up Austhorpe Lane, then left at the Skyliner to Sainsburys (re-group) 3. Pass Sainsburys and then turn right onto Stile Hill Way. At the roundabout with School Lane, there is a path on the left to Meynell Road. Follow this road until you come to the cycle path, by Darnley Lane I think and then take the cycle path all the way to Colton Road (opposite the path and fields that we run along to get to Temple Newsam on Thursday Night) 4. Turn right to the lights by the Brown Cow. 5. Left until The Woodman pub and Chapel Street club (re-group)

– AT THIS STAGE, the route is 4.5 miles, progressives can turn right and run down to Cross Gates from here. That will be about 6.5 miles overall.

Other groups, run down Halton Hill hard to the Selby Road / York Road junction. – AT THIS STAGE, the route is 5.49 miles, to do between 7 and 7.5 miles, turn right and follow York Road back to Cross Gates.

Optionally, cross over York Road onto Wykebeck Valley Way. Turn right up Foundry Lane and you will come to the Burger King at Killingbeck. Up York Road to BarwicK Road roundabout, straight onto John Smeaton’s. The route will be around 8.5 miles overall.

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