Tuesday Night 29th October 2013

With there being a meal at La Cantina at 830pm, the aim is to be back to John Smeaton’s by 8pm. Entirely up to what people want to do but I will be doing a 31 minute out, 29 minute back session tomorrow.To do this, you will need.

A stopwatch – and that’s it
The aim is to do the 1st 31 minutes at a comfortable pace.
As the clock hits 31 minutes, you turn around and try to get to John Smeaton’s in 29 mins or less, that should be at or around your race pace.

1. Leave John Smeaton and cross the road and go through the snicket onto Pendas Way
2. Left up to the roundabout by the Manston pub.
3. Turn right and then left onto Austhorpe Lane.
4. Up to the top (to the Skyliner), left and keep running along Selby Road. Quick groups will pass the George, The Gaping Goose and the Crusader.
5. When 31 mins hits the clock, turn around and try to get back to Smeatons in 29 mins.

This will teach you about negative splits (faster 2nd half than 1st half) and sharpen you up for the Abbey Dash. Progressives may wish to do something a little lighter.

There is a measured mile from the roundabout of the George pub to the far side of the M1 roundabout, it is a tad over 1 mile. May be worth measuring. Note it is not when you get to the M1 roundabout, it is the other side ( as if you’re going North ). Hope that makes sense.

If you wish to eat at La Cantina and haven’t booked, please see Nicky Coop.

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