Tuesday Night 19th November

Be a case of people doing what they want after the Abbey Dash on Sunday. This run will prepare you for the cross country race on Sunday and contains 3 good hills. This run will be at 8 minute mile pace overall but with plenty of efforts is suitable for all runners.

1. Leave sports centre and turn left, then right at Longs of Leeds, then right onto Austhorpe Road to the Manston.
2. Turn left and a hard effort up Austhorpe Lane to The Skyliner, regroup.
3. Turn right and fast race pace effort to Marks and Spencer, re group.
4. Cross the road and an hard effort up Hollyshaw Lane to the brown Cow, regroup.
5. Turn right and then right down Kings way back to Cross Gates, regroup.
6. Decent longish run through Cross Gates then past asda killingbeck to bottom of selby Road, regroup.
7. Hard race like effort up Halton hill to the William hill shop, regroup.
8. Depending on time, all the wway along Selby Road to the Skyliner and back to the centre.

Slower groups may go down Green Lane back to Cross Gates. People may just want to do a steady way rrun, thats fine.

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