Tuesday Night 18th February

With it being the club AGM at the Barnbow Social Club (8:45pm start, all invited), tomorrow night’s run will be a 31 minute out, 29 minute in. You will ideally have a stopwatch or similar device, here is  how it works:-

For the outward part, you should be running at a comfortable talking pace. Once the clock hits 31 minutes exactly, you turn around and aim to get back to the Sports Centre within 29 minutes. The pace should be at or around race pace.

Progressives should be able to do between 5 and 6 miles

Elites should be looking at over 8 miles.

The route will be:-

1. Left out of the sports centre.

2. Turn right at Longs of Leeds and then right onto Manston Lane until you reach the Barnbow pub (Manston)

3. Left up to the Skyliner

4. Left and follow the ring road all the way, past (if applicable) the Motorway, past the Old George pub, past the Gaping Goose etc, past The Crusader etc

Soon as the clock hits 31 mins, turn around, shower if you wish after at John Smeaton Centre. The AGM will be in the top room at Barnbow Social club, bring some food if you wish, buy your drinks from the downstairs bar.


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