Tuesday Night 12th November 1

Bit of a do what you want tomorrow night with it being The Abbey Dash on Sunday. There is a committee meeting at 830pm at Barnbow Social Club, all welcome, so we need to be back for 8pm ish..


Nicky will take a progressive group, 5.5 miles to 6 miles

I will with Wanda be doing a speed session at Thorpe Park. A 2 mile jog up and then the following.

400 meter effort at or below race pace, 60 seconds rest, then repeat, 10 efforts in total, then 2 mile jog back.

You will need a stopwatch and a high visible piece of kit.

My target pace for Sunday is 39 mins 59 secs so my efforts will be at or around 1 min 26 secs 400 metres. All welcome, maximum of 25 mins for the speed session.

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One thought on “Tuesday Night 12th November

  • Paul Ebrey Post author

    Alan Schofield has measured some half mile and mile loops and he is happy to show them tonight. More choice for people tonight.

    So we have
    1. Alan leading a group to do half mile and mile loops
    2. Paul leading a group to do 400m speed work.
    3. Nicky taking the progressives 5.5 – 6 miles

    Plus anyone else who wants to a normal tempo run, feel free to do it.