Tuesday Night 11th Feb

Sorry for posting this late in the day!

This weeks run…

  • Exit Sport Centre Right, cross over Barwick Road through the ginnel to Stanks Drive.
  • Past the Fire station turn left after the underpass and cross the ring road onto Ramshead Approach.
  • Left onto Ramshead Drive, then right onto North Parkway, down Kentmere Avenue then right onto South Parkway.
  • Continue to the End (Junction with Foundry Lane).

At this point the route is just under 4.5 miles. I’d suggest for a

  • Shorter run 6 miles – Turn Left up Foundry Land to Halfords, straight across to Cross Gates then Pendas Way.
  • Longer run 8 miles – Down Wykeback Valley Road to A64 then up Halton Hill (Selby Road) to the Skyliner.

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