Tuesday 9th December – 31 out, 29 back

There is a committee meeting planned for this evening, so the suggestion is that we run the ever popular 31 out, 29 back training route.

A good session, which is designed to develop pacing ability and replicates the running of a negative split race.

The aim is simple: we run out from John Smeaton, turning left and running up to Sandlers Way (Longs of Leeds) where we turn right, then right again at Manston Lane, left at Austhorpe Road (opposite the Barnbow Pub) then all the way up via Whitkirk Lane where we turn right at the ring road (Skyliner) and continue straight up towards Garforth.

The idea is to sustain a steady pace aiming to run as far as you can in the 31 minutes; but remembering you need to cover the same distance on the return leg in 29 minutes.

Karen will still be doing a recce for the Captain’s Challenge with her group.

As we aim to be back for 8, please be there and ready to run for 7 sharp.

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