Tuesday 25th Training

Karen / Nicki’s Group
Out of Smeaton via back gate, left onto Smeaton Approach, right onto Sandleas Way (past Longs’), Right onto Manston Lane, turn left opposite Barnbow Pub onto Austhorpe Road, follow to Ring Road and cross at traffic lights, turn left – then right onto Selby Road, follow past Brown Cow and keep going to the Woodman Pub, turn right onto Woodman Road, turn right onto Chapel Street (turns into Green Lane), left at bottom of Green Lane and up through Crossgates, cross at traffic lights near fireplace shop onto Austhorpe Road then back via Manston Lane, Sandleas Way and Smeaton Approach.
Route is approximately 6 miles.  To cut slightly turn onto Pendas Way and go through ginnel – this is 5.5 mile.  Those wanting a shorter route cut off Selby Road via Knighstway (just after Brown Cow) – this will be about 4.5 mile going back via Manston

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