STAC of the Month

Welcome to STAC of the Month.

Each month all members of St Theresa’s Athletic Club are invited to nominate a fellow club member for the STAC of the Month award by completing the nomination form found in the link below:

Key Points

  • Nominations must be received by the 1st of the following month.
  • Members may nominate for any reason. Some examples might include: inspirational or motivational member, personal achievements, positive contribution to club or community.
  • Members get 1 nomination per month.
  • Members must be happy with the reason/s for their nominations to be read out. However the nominator can remain anonymous.
  • Nominations are not votes and the number of nominations received for any individual is not the determining factor on who wins STAC of the month.
  • The winner will be awarded a small trophy, presented by club captains or the club chair.
  • At the end of the year, members will be invited to vote for STAC of the Year from the winners of the monthly award. For this award member votes will be the determining factor.

Please direct any questions to Joanne Loftus or Andy Cullen at