Training Sessions

We have variety of sessions focusing on hills, speed and endurance. These are some of the sessions that we regularly run.

Three Hills

Down Pegasus Hill to marker, run hard  back up to start, recover down the next (gravel hill) all way to finger post. Run hard back up, recover down the next (grassy hill) to the bottom stile, run hard back up.


Various sessions on the Temple Newsam Track throughout the summer months. These include:

  • Pyramid session (400m, 800m, 1600m (or 2x1200m for elites), 800m, 400m) ending with 2 x 200m sprints. 60 sec, 90 sec, 2 min recovery
  • 5k and 10k tune up – 800m + 400m Efforts to be done at target 5K pace. Tempo set = tempo pace = you can hold this pace comfortably for 1hr. Faster final 200m efforts to finish
  • 2 X 200m with 200 m recovery. 2 X 400 m with 200m recovery,2 X 600 m with 400 m recovery, 2 X 200 m with 100 m recovery.
  • Fast Mile

Menargerie ponds lake loop

There is a loop which takes you around the lake, up into the wood and back down to a recovery over the bridge. Repeat until time is up.


4 copses. Start at S corner of house. Run hard round 1 st copse, back over field. Recover round small copse close to house. Carry on to the next copse and so on. A set can be 3 copses or 4 copses. Once you finish a set start again from the first copse. Aim to do 3 sets.

Duck & Whistle

A fun interval session up and down the avenue. One whistle to start your effort, another to slow down to steady jog recovery. It’s great exercise for the cardiovascular system & designed to improve your aerobic capacity. This session is also a good one to do as a group as you see everyone as you run up and down the avenue (simply turn round when you get to either end!)

Andrew’s Cloverleaf

There are four loops, choose a partner or a small group. One runs while the other rests or run together and set a suitable recovery time. Do the four loops in turn. All four is one cloverleaf. See how many you can do!

Peter’s Triangles

Interval session in a triangle shape with UPHILL side, FLAT side and DOWNHILL side. All on grass so good cross-country training (trail shoes may be advisable if wet) there will be efforts on all sides of the triangle, so you can practice your full range of hill running technique.

Meet and retreat fartlek session

Work in pairs of similar ability, one runner runs hard in one direction round the copse, while the other jogs in the other direction. When they meet, they turn round and the other person runs hard while other jogs. Depending on time 2sets with a short recovery in between

Lesser Spotted Hills

Finding some challenging hills in Temple Newsam you may normally avoid! We will do 5 reps of final TNT hill with recovery down road, then make our way to Mick’s Hill, where we will do hill reps until the end of the session…

Bullerthorpe Hills

The Avenue hill up to Bullerthorpe lane actually goes down in the middle until the bridge between the upper lakes when it goes up (and up) again. This is a landscape feature of Temple Newsam estate, but we can use it in our training.

Start at the bottom, run hard up main hill to the fingerpost/bench – this is hill one. Recovery down to the bridge. From the bridge run hard up path until the bench on the left (or right for a bit extra) – this is hill two. Recovery Back down to bridge. From the bridge run hard again back up to the fingerpost (where your first recovery was) – this is hill three. Recovery back down to gate. Repeat until time is up!

Oregon circuits

Taking place in various Temple Newsam locations in winter and summer. Core exercises are done when you would normally expect to be in recovery. This should be a demanding strength building session and hopefully encourage you to do more strength and co-ordination based activities as part of your weekly routine.

So there will be a loop or circuit to run each rep. When you get back to the start do one of four exercises for 30 seconds before you set off running again. When you get back to the start do the second exercise and so on.

Exercises can be e.g. Step-ups, press ups, tricep dips, squats, lunges, planking, ab curls etc. to be advised on night & helped with technique or maybe some exercises done with a partner.

Parkrun hill

Starting from Bench at bottom of parkrun hill. 6 points will be marked out. Run hard up to each point and recovery back to start between each effort. It’s a pyramid session so 1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1 for elites, add an extra long rep or start another pyramid once finished the first.

Kenyan Hills

Kenyan Hills are a great way of achieving a ‘tempo’ workout whilst also gaining strength using a relatively short section of hill. In this session the same pace is used throughout the session on both the up and down sections. Athlete chooses their own individual ‘tempo’ pace depending on their specific objectives. An example session maybe 4 x 6 minutes with 90secs to 2 minutes recovery. This session is run on hill segments at both Temple Newsam and Thorpe Park. It’s a great session for all training plans but particularly those in the early stages of marathon training.

Indian files

Session that we do both on track and on hills. Run as a group of at least 4 in a line one behind the other (indian file) the more the better. (run at the pace of the slowest runner, so stick together) take it in turns to run from back of the line to the front, for the allotted time. When you reach the front of the line, shout to your group, so that the rearmost runner can set off on their effort.

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