Training from John Smeaton (Tuesdays)

Since the club was formed we have always run from John Smeatons on a tues evening apart from when it was rebuilt but over the last 18 months due to our members increasing and the number of people using the facilities the sports centre have raised a couple of issues parking and where we assemble before running.To try and resolve the issues Chris Gill, club chairman,  met with the sports manager on Friday and agreed to implement the following in the next 2 weeks because if we do nothing we will not be allowed to meet at the centre which is not what both parties wanted.

Car Parking
With regard to parking if you are using the sport centres facilities in our case having a shower after running cost £2-40 which you MUST pay for regardless if you have come by car or not you are allowed to use the carpark. In the case where you have driven there and are not paying for the use of any facilities you must park elsewhere.

There are 2 lay-bys outside John Smeaton School which is only 100yds down the road and should hold a minimum of 15 cars.
At the back entrance to John Smeatons on Bamburgh Road which is a cul-de -sac room for 4/5 cars.
Park on/off Pendas Way and walk through the snicket.

Chris has space for 2 at home which is only 2 minutes walk away.

Meeting Point
We must not congregate in the foyer or directly outside the main entrance so he suggests we assemble outside to the right  of the main entrance under the sport centre sign near the disability parking spaces. This should not be a problem since in a week it will be light at 7 but if the weather is bad we can gather in the left hand corrider just past the reception desk or outside near the astroturf pitches where there is a canopy.

Many thanks, and here’s looking forward to many more years running from John Smeaton!


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