Top Field Pyramid

Meet for 6.30pm warm up.
Pyramids using 6 circuits which range in distance from, approximately, 250 meters through to approximately 600 meters. In ability groups run at brisk pace round first circuit and recover at talking pace round the same circuit. This is a 40 minute non stop session so do not run at a pace which causes your body to need a rest midway through.
After 20 minutes repeat the circuit that you are on then reduce the distances, one at a time, for the next 20 minutes.
The distance of each circuit is arbitary and will be roughly outlined on the field. Failure to follow the markers is not a punishable offence.
Should you complete all 6 circuits it is likely that you will have covered over 10K.
For circuits 3,4 and 5 try and perform the ‘effort’ in your group by adopting ‘the friendly snake’, or’Indian File’ or as it’s know in cycling circles as ‘bit and bit’. ( Slowest of the group starts at front to set the pace. Call out the name of the back marker. Back marker runs to front and slows to pace. Keep to a suitable pace for all runners.) Adds a bit of fun and also helps all to get to know other members!!!!
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