Thursday 5th March – Up, Up & Around

Meet as usual outside of Eric’s Angling opposite the Brown Cow.

Warm up jog down to Temple Newsam – meet up by Mike’s tree at the parkrun finish line.

The session will consist of a set of three efforts as follows;

Effort 1: From Mike’s tree hard up to the railings at the front of the house – keep LEFT.

Recover 1: (keep RIGHT) down to the cobbles in front of the stable block and then cut left across in front of the Amphitheatre (stable block on your right) until you get to the short steep hill.

Effort 2: Turn left and run hard up to Temple Newsam Road at the top of the hill.

Recover 2: Turn left at the top of the hill and head for the path at the back of the house, continue around the back of the house and out to the flag path at the far side.

Effort 3: Run hard along the flagged path down the side of the house back towards the front.

Recover 3: Diagonally across the grass back down to Mike’s tree, avoiding those on their efforts coming up the hill.


DON’T; forget that the recovery is important, make sure you are fully recovered to get the most from your efforts.

DO; feel free to shout encouragement to your club mates when you pass them on the way down to the start again.

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