Thursday 5th: Fartleking up the hill

Meet as usual outside the fishing shop opposite the brown cow & dragon pub for 6.30pm

Steady jog warmup to the house.

This session is about fartleking – the swedish word for speed play. The idea is to keep running but at differing speeds without stopping, so recovery is on the run too.

We hope to use the grass hill – weather & ground permitting, otherwise we will have to use the path from the lakes to the house.

jog/easy run to the 1st light when you reach the 1st light run hard to the 2nd light then easy run to the 3rd, recover with easy run back down the hill to the start.

go again easy to 1st light, this time run hard to 3 then easy to 4 & recover.

and so on, back down pyramid etc

run on the left and just be aware of others going at different speeds and distances
If we use the grass hill, then we can run up left side of lights and recover down right side – it would give more room for those going easy or hard.

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