This Thursday’s session is derived from one outlined in ‘Northern Runner’.
Most benefit from this session will be gained if you are able to time your own repeats. No need for a sophisticated watch. Argos have a watch with timer for around £10.
Graham will warm up the group. Progress to front of TN House.
Mile Repeats ( 1760 yards ) or 880 yard reapts ( half mile )
Mile repeats are recommended for those who are undertaking a forthcomming marathon.
The half mile repeats are suggested for those who have a 10k or half marathon as a goal. Both mile and half mile reps are run over the same circuit.Those doing mile reps to continue warm up by running over field in front of the House and turning immediate left down the hill to progress to the bottom and join the Park Run route back to the ponds.
Those doing half mile reps continue with everyone else across the field in front of the House, stay on the field and run down the hill to , eventually , reach the pond.
The start of the reps are near the pond. After each rep all to recover by taking a full 400m circuit in the central ,grassed area.
We will spend approximately 35 minutes on this activity so the number of reps will be up to you.
Stretches – together.
Dark Nights We continue to meet at the Lodge gates until the clocks go back, then we will meet in the car park of Lidl at the top of Halton Hill
The club are looking into a long sleeved ,reflective top. Head torches are very useful for the dark nights. Watch out for lidl and Aldi doing their special running offers. Check out Lidle this Thursday for reflective / thermal wear and padded socks!
Jamming / chutney season. Your used jam jars would be most appreciated!
Updates. Check out our new web site kindly provided by our web manager Ian Shepherd. I’m sure you’ll agree that he’s done a great job. Hopefully, Thursday sessions will be posted on there in future so, thankfully, you won’t always be getting a missive in your inbox!

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