Thursday 30 November 2’s and 5’s

Meet as normal 6:30pm at the end of the cycle path from Colton. Bring reflective and bright clothing, lights and warm layers! Warm up jog to TN for this session centred around the bench on the corner near Mike’s Tree.

This session can be done on grass or the path, so it’s up to you which suits best! Alternate between the two loops. First is a short out downhill and back uphill approx 200m followed by a recovery of 30-60seconds (turn around carefully in a wide arc). Second is longer 500m up to and past house on grass or the path to the marker. Follow the marker lights back across the grass or turn round and come back down path back to the bench. Recover 30-60 seconds before repeating first loop etc. You should manage 4-7 of each loop in the 30 minutes.

Remember static stretching is so important after this type of session. Focus on stretching calves, hamstrings, glutes! Hold each stretch for approx 15 seconds. It should ease any stiffness you may feel the day after, help avert injury & speed up recovery.

200m out & back loop can be run on grass or path


500m loop – back across the grass or turn around at the end of the path and run hard back down the hill to the start

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