Thursday 3 August, Graham’s Hill Pyramids

Please meet up as normal 6:30pm and jog warm up to just in front of Temple Newsam House. Graham will be leading this session.

This week’s will be a familiar session (although we’ll try and alter it slightly). With full support for the improvers we will run a pyramid session on the grass hill in front of temple newsam house. Trail shoes might be advisable although it should be dry(ish).

A pyramid workout is useful as it mixes up the reps you do, rather than the same distance each time. Psychologically as you are coming back down the pyramid, even though you are increasingly tired it’s easier to keep putting the effort in as the distance gets shorter. Keep pushing right ‘over the top’ of the hill for maximum benefit.

Karen will be also taking a group of improvers who may wish to do a longer steady run of about 45 mins so you will have a choice of what to do.


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