Thursday 2nd Feb 2017

Meet as usual 6:30pm at end of cycle path from Colton.

Warm up jog until you get through gatehouse. When you are on the path consider doing some dynamic warm up drills such as the ones below. 2 sets of each, one set walking one set running of about 20 reps each set. Only do this if you think it’s safe to do so on the dark path.

A March

High knees

Butt kicks


There are many drills you can choose so pick ones you are comfortable with. They are supposed to get your muscles warm for the session and also improve your running technique. I’ll try and demonstrate more of this in the spring and summer when it’s light and we have more time together.

Jog to continue to meet in amphitheatre next to stable block.

Session we have done before, Amphitheatre around stable block up to gate and back, with added core exercises.

Steady out of amphitheatre along cobbles toward house, keep on steady left around the stable block and then hard up hill from the bin all the way to the gate at the top (keep right on the road). Recovery downhill (keep right) back to the amphitheatre. 30 second reps of alternating simple core strength exercises using the amphitheatre steps and walls (e.g. last time it was  loop – squats – loop – step ups – loop – press ups using walls – loop – dips using walls, etc. but I’ll try and change exercises each time) before you set off again. Keep going until time is up. Cool down jog back to cars and don’t forget static stretching.

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