Thursday 28th August

Not exactly a speed, interval or hill session this week. Probably a ‘one off’. It’s a 7k race with nominal prizes. First female and male, first ‘graduates’ from both 2013 and 2014 plus a couple of spot prizes.
Whilst in New Zealand last year I took part in a series of 7k races. When I returned I established a new parkrun PB and won our Easter handicap. For me, the distance proved to be a real ‘sharpener’. See what you think.
We’re thankful to Dave Suttcliffe and Sonia who will be acting as ‘hares’and to Geoff and Sam for volunteering to help point the way.
Keep your own time. You’ll get a card with a number on it at the finish. Please enter your name on the clip board against your place and, if appropriate, whether 2013 or 14 ‘graduate’
Top field- run along wood to cycle path( end of the wood) enter wood and return back to start along inside of wood.
Cross to Avenue of trees and run towards Templenewsam House, proceed to complete a full circuit of the field.
Cross Road to other field, follow line of trees, with car parking and road on your left, down to Invalid / Rose Garden car park.
Proceed through the car park ,as if going to rose garden, and then turn right past first pond and cross bridge.
With large ponds now on your left join park run ( in reverse) and head towards the motorway.
Turn right up a sandy path which leads to the top of the hill.
At the top of the hill you will be at the top of the Tarmac path that leads down to the motorway.Do not go down to the motorway.
Again, reverse the parkrun and head to the parkrun start.
Down the hill to,the ponds. Now go back the way you came.
At the top of the hill go onto the field and run past the children’s playground towards the amphitheatre. Up the Tarmac hill, out of the gate then back onto the same field.
Follow the Avenue of trees to finish near the Lodge Gate. (This is the field on the opposite side of the road at which we meet)
Dave will take the runners as far as the sandy path. Geoff will be at the top of the sandy hill where Sonia will take over and lead back to the start.Dave will cycle back and forth, if necessary, to show the way to back markers.
Sam will have a roving role on the two fields and acting as a ‘ buoy’.

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