Thursday 25th October – Indian File Parkrun Hills

Normal meeting time of 6:30pm at the end of the cycle path from Colton. We will jog to TN as a warm up. Try and talk to someone new on the way. You never know what you may have in common!

Tonight’s session is INDIAN FILE using TN parkrun hills. 15 minutes one way, 3 mins recovery, 12 mins the other way.

Run as a group of at least 4 in a line one behind the other (indian file) the more the better. (run at the pace of the slowest runner, so stick together) take it in turns to run from back of the line to the front, for the allotted time. When you reach the front of the line, shout to your group, so that the rearmost runner can set off on their effort.

Should be a great fun group activity so work together. The most important part is the effort you put in getting from back to front. Pick a side to pass on to avoid collisions.

HEAD TORCH advised as it can be dark – Don’t be afraid though, it’s safer as a group. On the paths so road shoes OK.

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