Thursday 25th July

This Thursday session will be an old favorite!  I think most of you have done this before but if not here’s the idea.

steady warm up run through the park, past the lakes over the stone bridge then take the path up left to where the main event will be.  This is the one where we run hard trying to keep an even pace all the way up the grass hill to the sign post at the top, recovery down to the pond, then run hard up the other side to the first bench, recover back, then up to the 2nd bench for those wishing to punish themselves – everyone else run hard up the hill then recover down the grass hill back to the start. You should aim to do 5 of these reps (starting from the grass area) but there may be the opportunity to do more time & legs permitting.

steady cool down jog back to the car park for stretching.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand – I’ll explain again when we are there and it will all become clear so you don’t have to remember it but if you are going to be late that’s the area we will be working in  so come find us!

Grahams group are with Peter, Nicki, Sara & Ian and have their own programme.

See you Thursday!

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