Thursday 24th September – Pyramids

Meet as usual.
 A flat pyramid session on the playground field. 6 points –each x 2 and, each increasing in length. Run hard to point one, recover at 30%. Repeat. Run hard to point 2, recover. Repeat. Continue to point 3,4,5,6 (go to each twice) then come down the pyramid. After the longest legs we come back down the pyramid x2. Each effort should have the same amount of work. After each effort allow a FULL recovery before tackling the next leg at the same speed as the last one. The first leg is about 70 meters. The furthest leg about 250 meters. Try and perform the 250 meters at the same speed as the 70. We’re aiming for consistency. This pyramid will be preceded by a warm up session. Try to be thoroughly warmed through before tackling the efforts! And….. stretch off at the end!!!!
Sounds complicated, but isn’t really!!

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