Thursday 24th March 2016

Tonight will be our last session where we meet on the cycle path.  On the 31st March 2016 we will meet at our summer point on the field near the main carpark at the house.


Meet as usual at the cycle path and warm up to the railings in front of the house.  Partner up with someone of a similar pace, first runner runs clockwise round the circle, then the second runner does the same while the first runner recovers.

The first runner then sets off for 2 laps – the second runner then joins at the end of lap 1 and continues for 2 laps – so you do 1lap together.  Then the first runner goes for 3 laps, the second runner joins after lap one so you do 2 laps together this time.

Repeat for 4, then 5 etc. and keep going until half time is called.  At half time you turn and repeat going anti-clockwise for 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. and so on until time is called.

Recover back up the top of the cycle path for a cool down.

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