Thursday 24th Jan 2019 – Oregon Circuits

David’s “Oregon Circuits”

Running repetitions with added core strength exercises. Meet at 6:30pm prompt at the house. We’ll do a fun dynamic warm up and some drills on the incline to start.

The session will be familiar to those who came over the winter. Core exercises are done when you would normally expect to be in recovery. This should be a demanding strength building session and hopefully encourage you to do more strength and co-ordination based activities as part of your weekly routine.

So there will be a loop or circuit to run each rep. When you get back to the start do one of four exercises for 30 seconds before you set off running again. When you get back to the start do the second exercise and so on.

Exercises can be e.g. Step-ups, press ups, tricep dips, squats, planking, ab curls etc. to be advised on night & helped with technique or maybe some exercises done with a partner.

Karen Sherras

Training Coordinator

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