Thursday 24th April

Dynamic warm up on way to front of Templenewsam House.
Facing House (at appx 200m down the slope.)
At whistle run up the slope, quickly NOTE your position and continue to run back down the slope
Try and match your position each rep.
Four reps per set followed by a minutes rest.
!st Set :- Allow 20 seconds for uphill and 30 seconds recovery back down ( repaet x4 )
2nd Set :- 20 seconds uphill BUT with 25 second recovery downhill ( repaet x4 )
3rd Set :- 20 seconds uphill BUT WITH 22 seconds allowed for recovery ( repeat x4 )
4th SET :- IF people fail to get back to start line in time on SET3
REMEMBER you do not have to attain your NOTED position each time. The AIM to get everyone down together.
Steady recovery back to Beginners group. Join in with their relay if appropriate.

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