Thursday 23rd November 2017, Stable block hill Pyramid

Meet at 6:30pm usual place, for warm up jog down to stable block. Don’t forget to wear bright and reflective clothing with lights if you have them.

Hill pyramids between farm and stable block. Using the hill that runs between the farm and stable block up to the gate. Keep to one side on this session to avoid collisions and make it easier to run hard around the corners. It’s a fairly well lit area so you can be confident putting maximum effort into your hill work!

Hill to be divided up from shortest to longest effort.

Pyramid session starts on the shortest effort, continues through the lengthening reps until the longest effort (which may be done twice) then you come down the pyramid so you finish on the shortest. Recover well downhill and repeat the pyramid until session time is up.

Please encourage your fellow athletes as you pass them up or downhill, everyone appreciates a kind word of motivation!

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