Thursday 22nd: Lights, hills, action!

Meet as already detailed, on the cycle path opposite the squeeze stile onto the big field at 6.30. Gentle warm up run to the front of the house.
Mostly on GRASS tonight.
Imagine 6 lights in a line getting further and further away from TN house on the big field.
Start at the south west corner of the house( near the mulberry bush) run hard down to the first light, round the light and hard back to the south east corner of the house. Recover along the front of the house. Repeat but go to the 2nd light. Carry on going further down the field each time. After the 6th light recover round the house and start over again.
To gain most from the session you need to put lots of effort into the run down then up the field and do your talking during the recovery!! A good recovery is important.

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