Thursday 21st February 2019 – Death by 800s, Week 3

Throughout February we will be carrying out a four-week builder.

Please note that you do not have to attend all four weeks and would be welcome to join in any of the weeks

Meet at 6.30pm at Temple Newsam House – please park on the right-hand side nearest to the house and double park if necessary. Please leave the left-hand side free for boot camp (or you may get blocked in).

The session will be held on the field so headtorches and trail shoes are recommended if you have them.

Warm up – Drills

There are 2 levels depending upon speed, which will be explained at the start of the session.

4 x 800m run with 120 seconds recovery – intermediate (Yellow Group).

6 x 800m with 90 seconds recovery – advanced (Green Group)

Karen Sherras

Training Coordinator

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