Thursday 1st August

Thursday evening will be based at the track, but only using 100m of it!! The idea is that you run approx one third of a mile as fast as you can (timing yourself if possible) Repeat as many times as you can in the time given and run the same time each run.
The course will be; start at the top end of the track (Templenewsam Road) run straight down the track and carry on, don’t turn the left hand bend of the track. Carry on over the grass and THEN turn left down a track for about 80/100 yds, turn left and run down the side of the football pitch, at the far end turn left and in 30 yds turn left again back into the track. Finish on the grass in front of you. Walk/jog back to the start and repeat!! If I lost you half way round we will jog the course before we do it seriously!! We have done a similar course before.
Hope that is very plain!!
Grahams group know what they are doing! We should all end up at the track, I hope!!
See you Thursday.

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