Thursday 17th August: Temple Newsam Track

We will be hitting the track once again this Thursday so prepare for some quality interval training!

Meet at 6:30pm as usual and we’ll warm up down to the track together where session will be explained.


Warm up JOG to track
Dynamic Stretching – Drills – Core Strength Exercises
6 min tempo run (decent pace you can comfortably maintain for 10 miles)
2 min recovery
2 x 600m @faster than 5K pace with 90 sec recovery
3 or 4 x 400m @faster than 5K pace with 60 sec recovery
2 x 200m (1st 100m at 5K pace 2nd 100m flat out) 45 sec recovery
Cool down jog back to start
Static Stretching Top to toe

David’s amendment for improvers
Warm up same
6 min tempo
2 min recovery
2 x 400m with 90 sec recovery
2 x 300m (walk 100m recovery)
2 x 100m (walk 100m recovery)
Cool down same

Try and keep regular pace throughout session. Please bring water as hydration is so important for these strenuous sessions.

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