Thursday 17 May 2018 – Temple Newsam Track Session

A challenging and fun track session at Temple Newsam for legs still tired from Leeds Half Marathon?

Meet as normal 6:30 at corner of main field, jog down as warm up to track. Some stretches & drills before session. Static stretching if wanted at the end. Don’t forget layers, drinks and insect repellent!

INDIAN FILE – 8 MINUTES (run as a group in a line round the track. Person at back runs to front, when you reach the front shout “go” and the next person at the back runs to the front – carry on running round the track as a group for the allotted time)

2-3MINS rest

INDIAN FILE – 10 MINUTES – more of the same! work together as a group and slow each other down if needed. The most important part of this session is the sprints to the front of the file.

2-3MINS rest

400M MEET & RETREAT – With a partner, start at a point on the track (halfway down one straight is ideal) one of you runs clockwise while the other runs anti-clockwise until when you meet somewhere on the other side of the track HIGH 5! and come back the way you came. Ideally you will both finish at the same time.

1-2MINS rest then switch directions with your partner & repeat the


cool down!



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