Thursday 16th June 2016 : 50m Pyramid Sprints

Meet at our usual summer place on the field near the house.

Warm up

Cones will be placed at 10m intervals.

Sprint 10m to cone 1 – walk 40m to cone 5

Sprint 20m to cone 2 – walk 30m to cone 5

Sprint 30m to cone 3 – walk 20m to cone 5

Sprint 40m to cone 4 – walk 10m to cone 5

Sprint 50m to cone 5 – turn and sprint 50m to cone 5

Rest for 90 seconds – this is one set.

Repeat to complete a further 4 full sets.

Rest for 3 minutes.

Repeat the session until you are advised to stop.

The focus is on running form.

Cool down.


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