Thursday 15th October: Round and Round the Mulberry Bush

Please bring a head torch with you as it will be dark before the session finishes.

This session should be done at race pace plus with a recovery in between.

Meet at the field and warm up to the to the house
Start in front of the mulberry bush at the south west corner of the house.
Run at race pace plus to the copse on your right and back, recover round mulberry bush copse.
Repeat but this time run round copse to the left of the first copse. Recover.
There are four copses to run round. The first set of repeats you run round the copses anti-clockwise.

Once you have run round all four copses you start again, this time starting at copse 4 and running clockwise round each copse.

It is estimated running round the 4 copses and back (not including recovery) is about 1 mile.

How far can you run in the session?

Many Thanks


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