Thursday 14th Training Session ( Peter’s BD )

Meet near Brown Cow for a 6.30 departure to Templenewsam House. Park in surrounding area. Note we have permission to overflow into the Church Hall Car Park at Whitkirk St. Mary’s.
Warm up on the way. Head torches and small hand held torches prove useful!
Main efforts are 80 meters uphill on tarmac from the stable block to the gate at the top and 160 meters from below the Home farm service gate ( start of the Park Run ) up the tarmac to the railings on the front of Templenewsam House. So, 80m, recovery x2. 160m, recovery x2 . Efforts and recovery at own pace. repeat the programme ’till the end of the session.
After the 80 meter effort the recovery route is towards the house, over the cobbles and through the amphitheatre. The recovery route after the 160m is through the amphitheatre. ( Full explanation when we get there )

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