Thursday 14th March 2019, Stable Block Pyramid

Meet at 6.30pm in the cobbled car park at the house, please park on the right-hand side of the car park and double park, leaving the left-hand side free for Bootcamp.  Please also wear bright and reflective clothing and bring a head torch.

Hill pyramid between the farm and stable block, using the hill that runs between these up to the gates.  Keep to your left hand side as you power up the pyramid and then your left as you recover back to the start point – this will help avoid collisions and make it easier for you to power up the pyramid.

Pyramid session starts at the shortest effort, continues through the lengthening reps until the longest effort (which can be done twice), then you come down the pyramid so you finish on the shortest.  Recover well downhill and repeat the pyramid until the session is over.

Please encourage your fellow athletes as you pass them up or downhill as everyone appreciates a kind word of motivation.

Karen Sherras

Training Coordinator

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