Thursday 10 May 2018 – Bullerthorpe Hills

Meet as usual 6:30 at the corner of the big field. Jog down to bottom of Bullerthorpe hill as a warm up.

The Avenue hill up to Bullerthorpe lane actually goes down in the middle until the bridge between the upper lakes when it goes up (and up) again. This is a landscape feature of Temple Newsam estate, but we can use it in our training.

Start at the bottom, run hard up main hill to the fingerpost/bench – this is hill one

Recovery down to the bridge.

From the bridge run hard up path until the bench on the left (or right for a bit extra) – this is hill two

Recovery Back down to bridge

From the bridge run hard again back up to the fingerpost (where your first recovery was) – this is hill three

Recovery back down to gate. Repeat until time is up!


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