Thurs 8th August


A one mile time trial is the main element.
1.Warm up on top field,
2.Core exercises in the arena.
3.Down to pond for start of timed mile. ( start at the bottom of rhododendron walk and then almost two times round  Park Run Hills )
May be a good idea to have your timer- I’ll shout out times at half mile and at the finish. We’ll record your time. Propose to make this timed mile a quarterly event!
4. ‘Chase me’ up the tarmac section of the Rose Garden access road with recovery back through pine wood.
5. Stretches
Improvers will continue to work on increasing pace..

New members

Looking at the membership list I notice a lot of new names. Many of these have joined as a follow on to the ‘Beginners Group’. Welcome Rachelle Brown, Andrea Mann, Samantha Tinsdale, Jaqueline Howarth, Svetlana Sills, Claire Williamson, Hilary Robinson, Hayley Russell, Joanne powell, Lucy and Emily Higgins, and Kelly Madden. Also, recent additions include ‘boom’ Ronnie Bray and Ronnie Bray Junior plus Alison Varley and Keiran Simpson.
We hope that you continue to enjoy the club and it’s friendship. Do have a look at joining us for the ‘Jammy Dodger’

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